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How to Earn Free Coins in Jackpot World?

FREE COINS are given away by Jackpot World in various ways! You can always enjoy the free slot games in Jackpot World with bunch of FREE COINS and FREEBIES!

There are 11 amazing ways to get the FREE COINS & FREEBIES!

More amazing FREE rewards are given away with new features, events and mini-games!

How to claim them? Follow the guidance here:

1. In-game Daily Login Rewards

Log in Jackpot World every day to claim Login Rewards. You can get even more with consecutive daily login!

2. In-game Timed Jackpot World Rewards

Tap the right-bottom corner to claim your timed rewards!

*Lucky Rewards: every 15 minutes

*Mega Rewards: every 3 hours

*Wheel Bonus: after 5 Mega Rewards claimed

*Super Respin: after 4 days of Mega rewards claimed

3. In-game Jenny’s Daily Inbox Gift

Jenny will send a gift of free coins to your inbox every day at 3:00 AM UTC when new events are open. Don’t forget to claim it in the inbox and enjoy your day in Jackpot World with Jenny!

4. In-game Daily Store Bonus

The game store offers daily free coins at 3:00 AM UTC when the new events open. Just tap into the store and go claim it at the right-bottom corner!

5. In-game Event Center Browse-all Reward

You can also claim a gift of free coins by browsing all new events in the Event Center after 3:00 AM UTC.

6. Connect to Facebook for Free Gifts from Friends

Connect your Jackpot World game account to your Facebook account to get daily gifts sent from your Facebook friends who are also playing Jackpot World!

7. Connect to Email for Weekly Official Email Gifts

Connect your Jackpot World game account to your Email address. We’ll send free gift emails to you every week! Please mark Jackpot World’s email as NOT SPAM/JUNK.

8. Connect to Phone Number for Random Surprised SMS Gifts

Connect your Jackpot World game account to your phone number. We’ll send gift SMS randomly to players.

9. Claim Daily Freebies from Game Notifications

Turn on Notification from Jackpot World in the settings of the app. It’s much easier to receive notifications of freebies from us.

10. Claim Daily Free Coins on the Official Website

The Jackpot World’s official website offers free coins and gifts too! Visit Jackpot World’s official website every day, and tap the FREE COINS button on the home banner and in the Token Store to claim them!

11. Follow Official Accounts on Social Media for Daily Freebies

Jackpot World has official accounts on all sorts of social media platforms, and publish daily posts with bunch of freebies! Tap the buttons below to follow us, and get free coins from the posts now!


Save this blog to your bookmark and share with your friends! We’ll update this article when new ways for free coins comes! Enjoy your spins in Jackpot World! Wish you good luck!